About us

Presentation of the Matlas book about the Hague Mullet. De makers from left to right Rein Langeveld, Joost Nijhuis and Daniel Heikens. Picture: Frank Jansen

Joost Nijhuis is a designer with great anthropological interest. Since his degree in Public Space at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, cultural appearances and movements have often been a dominant theme in his work. Human expression and behaviour bound to geographical borders lead to unique characteristics and give color to the globe.

Rein Langeveld’s approach to portraiture is motivated by the desire to equalize humans, often encouraging his subjects to become freer than they behave. Rein is as fascinated by the essence of who people naturally are, as his nature is receptive when he arrives to photograph them.

Daniel Heikens obtained his degree in Documentary Photography at The Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague, and currently works as an all-round photography specialist. He has spent many years researching, appraising and cataloging 19th and 20th century photography for an international auction house, and is also still an active photographer making documentary based free work.